Brake Caliper Piston Rewind Tool

Brake Caliper Piston Rewind Tool

SGS Test Report Available

Feature of Product

Our products can be used pistons brake calipers.

Due to the increasing number of high-precision brake calipers in the market, we have designed this new tool for use on multi-pistons brake calipers. Our products can be used on single, double, triple, four, six and eight pistons brake calipers.

2500KGS Output Hydraulic Cylinder

Our hydraulic cylinders are made of specific heat-treated alloy steel so as to obtain maximum output pressure of 2500KGS and to be applicable for all brake calipers in the market (output force should not be too large so as to avoid deformation of the brake calipers).

360- degree pad swing

Aluminum T6061 Hydraulic Main Body

To manufacture the hydraulic cylinder, we use a lighter and stronger aluminum alloy material T6061 to obtain lightweight, aesthetic, and durable purposes.

Two-stage actuated piston

The 2-stage actuated piston is also a feature of our products, allowing the piston to operate from a minimum of 42mm to a maximum of 62mm, so as to be applicable for all commercially available brake calipers.

Automatic Return Mechanism

The automatic return mechanism of the second stage piston is also the unique design to our products. When the piston of the caliper is pushed back to an original position so release hydraulic pressure, the piston of the tool will automatically return so that our products can be easily take out from the brake caliper.

Replaceable Stoppers

We offer replaceable stoppers of four sizes and the stoppers are made of carbon steel to allow our products to be used with different sizes of brake calipers. The sizes of the stoppers are listed as follows:

2PCS 90mm(L) pads

2PCS 110mm(L) pads

2PCS 150mm(L) pads

2PCS 180mm(L) pads

This produce is definitely made in Taiwan and we file patent applications in various countries as follows:

TW , US,  EURO and CN  Patent Pending

Stainless Steel Of Hinge Pin

For the box, we use a hinge with a pin made of stainless steel to avoid a damage of the box after a period of using time.

Automatic Recovery Of Buckle

For the buckle, we use a metal buckle with automatic recovery and brilliant quality so as to enhance using effects and quality.

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